The Ultimate Homeowner’s Handbook

An All-in-One Guide to Your Home

We provide homeowners with a simple handbook that summarizes every key system, device, and mechanism in their homes. We include labeled diagrams, photos, detailed descriptions, and vendor information that is all specific to your home. With our handbook, you’ll know exactly who to call for maintenance requests and ongoing upkeep.

Your Home - Explained

Our handbook covers the following systems:

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Water /




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Smart Features

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Heating &


Everything You Need

In One Place

In your handbook, you will find answers to all of your questions,

such as the following:

♦ Where is the main water supply valve in my home?

♦ Where is my electric meter

♦ Does any groundwater drain appropriately?

♦ What air filters do I need to change?

♦ How many heating zones do I have?

♦ What kind of floor heating does my home have?

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Every Detail Captured

We will also include all important information for

every system and device, including:


♦ Manufacturer name

♦ Serial number

♦ Model

♦ Current Age

♦ Average lifespan

♦ In-home location

Paying It Forward

Moving out of your home? We encourage clients to pass their handbooks on to their successors in order to smooth the transition between homeowners. Trust us - they’ll love it.

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