Homeowner Tips

Did you know...

♦ You can reduce your annual energy costs by switching to LED light bulbs throughout your entire home

♦ Crawlspaces should be inspected regularly for water leakage, insect infestations, and insulation checks

♦ Your dryer vents should be cleaned at least once per year to help the machine run efficiently

♦ Your gutters should be cleaned every year to prevent your fascia boards from rotting

♦ Your refrigerator coils should be cleaned once per year in order to prevent your refrigerator from overworking

♦ If you drain and flush your hot water tank once per year that you will extend its life by years

♦ By labeling your electrical panel you will save time and confusion especially in an emergency situation. 

♦ Be sure everyone in your home knows the location of the main water shut-off valve.  This can help keep a plumbing emergency from becoming a plumbing catastrophe.  

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