Year-round Maintenance Support

Address Minor Issues Today,

Prevent BIG Problems Tomorrow

We provide homeowners with recommended action plans for every home system and device, as well as offer seasonal, monthly, and annual maintenance programs. We are also happy to coordinate with vendors and suppliers on your behalf for major repairs or replacements.

Proactive Home Management

We create service recommendation reports and customized maintenance plans for every key home system and device in your home. For example, reports may address:

♦ Leakage potential in bathrooms where tile meets the floor

♦ Electrical box functionality

♦ Plumbing weak spots and pipe conditions

♦ Groundwater drainage and water flow


Home Improvement Recommendations

We also offer suggestions on how homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their homes. For example, we can:

♦ Evaluate window and door conditions

♦ Assess weather stripping throughout the home

♦ Analyze foundation integrity

♦ Recommend energy efficient appliances and devices

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